Department I

In Person Appearances

Department I is allowing in person appearances. Those who wish to appear in person must follow public health and safety precautions.

Remote Appearances

Any party may request to appear remotely to their scheduled hearing.  A request for remote appearance requires two forms: 1) A Request to Appear Remotely; 2) An Order to Appear Remotely.

Please fill out the following forms and submit to the court via mail or in person.

The request must have language acknowledging that it is the responsibility of the party to connect to Zoom at the date and time of the hearing.  Please see the instructions below on how to connect and appear remotely via Zoom.

Any party that wishes to appear remotely must pre-test their audio visual connection and equipment prior to the hearing.  If you have physical of documentary evidence for the hearing, hard copies must be delivered to the District Court Clerk and opposing counsel at least three (3) judicial days prior to the date of the hearing.  Any party that wishes to testify on the record remotely MUST join with video on Zoom. 

Media Requests

News reporters desiring permission to provide electronic coverage of a proceeding in the courtroom shall file a written request with the judge at least 24 hours before the proceeding commences, pursuant to Nevada Supreme Court Rules 229-246, inclusive.  Any requesting party must be familiar with, and comply with all rules on electronic coverage of court proceedings.  Please fill out the media request pleading below and e-mail to the judicial executive assistant.