Payments & Fees

The policy and purpose of the Office of the Court Clerk is to provide professional, efficient and courteous service to the public and professionals it comes in contact with in person and over the telephone. Additionally, the office provides the Court with the personnel to maintain case records, handle financial transactions, assist during court hearings and trials, and to act as jury commissioner.


Please be advised that all payments related to filing fees, fines, fees, administrative assessments, mediation payments, court ordered monies, etc., must be made payable to the District Court Clerks Office. Payments made by mail may be submitted in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. Payments may be made in person, by telephone or online through our website by credit card. Personal checks are only accepted in person when presenting photo identification. Personal checks are not accepted by mail. The Court will continue to accept payment by check from legal counsel and from businesses who have received Court approval of this method of payment. Any exceptions to this policy may only be approved by the Court Administrator or Judicial Fiscal Management Analyst. Cash is an acceptable form of payment. Returned checks will result in additional fees plus the possibility of a warrant being issued for the maker’s arrest.

The courts are pleased to be able to accept credit card payments through Point and Pay for all payments. This service is offered as a convenience to the public. Point and Pay does assess a service charge of 3% or a $2.00 minimum on all credit card payments. This service charge is paid directly to Point and Pay and is not received by the court.

Court Fees

To view the District Court Fee Schedule click on the link below.
District Court Fee Schedule Effective July 1, 2017

Point of Sale transaction fees are assessed for credit card and debit cards in all channels where we accept payments.  i.e. – face to face, telephone, and internet environments. We assess a transaction fee of 3% with a $2.00 minimum on all credit card and debit card payments. This convenience fee is paid directly to Point and Pay and is not received by the court.