Juvenile Probation & Detention

Juvenile Probation

The Douglas County Juvenile Probation Department located in Minden, Nevada. A Division of the Ninth Judicial District Court.

Mission Statement

Under the jurisdiction of the Ninth Judicial District Court, the Douglas County Juvenile Probation Department commits to the prevention and treatment of delinquent behaviors with a strong emphasis on community protection and the needs of youth and families.

Juvenile Probation Officers

Juvenile Probation Officers serve the Juvenile Court in accordance with Chapter 62 of the Nevada Revised Statutes by:

  • Using a validated risk and needs assessment to identify the primary factors contributing to a youth’s delinquent behaviors and focusing department interventions and resources on addressing these factors
  • Providing opportunities for offenders to develop skills and competencies
  • Partnering with community agencies to provide resources to offenders and families to help develop skills and competencies
  • Supporting victim rights and restitution
  • Providing structure, supervision, and accountability to the assigned caseload
  • Using specialized, validated screening and assessments to identify youth with mental health and substance use treatment needs
  • Reintegrating youth into their families and the community
  • Maximizing the impact and value of department resources by prioritizing services for youth most likely to re-offend and minimize the use of confinement
  • Minimizing juvenile supervision and services for youth who are at low risk for re-offending
  • Enforcing all court-ordered sanctions

The juvenile probation department delivers a strength-based accountability driven probation system while offering support and assistance to youth and families at any level of concern.


Juvenile Probation is a public safety service involving one or more of the following programs:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Truancy Prevention and Intervention
  • Referrals to local community based services and agencies
  • Formal and Informal Probation Services
  • The Parent Project
  • Behavioral Intervention
  • Prevention Services
  • Community Service
  • Individual, Group, and Family Counseling
  • Outdoor Experiential Education

Juvenile Detention

Juvenile detention is a public safety service involving 24 hour supervision of juvenile detainees in a secure detention environment. Other services provided through the juvenile detention system include:

  • Mental Health Screening
  • Life Skills
  • Physical Education
  • School
  • Visitation

Mission Statement

The mission of the Douglas County Juvenile Detention Facility is to provide a safe and secure temporary holding facility for youth adjudicated, pending adjudication/disposition, or Court ordered within the Juvenile Court. Policy ensures the appropriate detention of youth in a secure setting in compliance with Nevada Revised Statute, Federal PREA requirements, and the statewide Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative guidelines.


    • Do you have to make a court appearance for a misdemeanor traffic citation?
      No. Traffic citation letters are mailed to the person and can be typically, resolved by paying the fine, and or providing proof of driver’s license, registration, or insurance; whatever the circumstances require. For additional information, please call 782-9811.
    • Do you provide drug and alcohol testing at the request of a parent?
      Yes, we provide drug and alcohol testing at the request of parents for a fee of up to $25. For more information please call 775-782-9811.
    • Do you provide counseling and behavior intervention for children and youth if they are not on probation?
      Yes, prevention services are available for parents and their children if they’re not on probation. A juvenile psychologist and a marriage and family therapist would be recommended depending on the individualized needs of the youth and family. Parents struggling with their child’s behavior, school attendance/performance, drug and alcohol use or abuse, are encouraged to contact our office and discuss their potential options.
    • How do you get a youth placed in juvenile detention facility?
      The juvenile detention facility has specific criteria for the detention of juveniles in a secure detention facility. Juveniles cannot be placed in a detention facility for status offences: Truancy, Beyond Parental Control, Running Away from Home, and Curfew. Juvenile probation officers will place youth in detention based on specific juvenile detention criteria screening instrument. Each situation is handled on an individual case basis.

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Tamara Morris
Chief Juvenile Probation Officer
Ph: 775-782-9811
Fx: 775-782-9808

Call 911 in an emergency or in a non-emergency situation, call 775-781-5126.

Physical Address
1038 Buckeye Road
Minden, NV 89423

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 218
Minden, NV 89423

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Contact staff members at listed phone numbers or click to email below.

Tamara Morris – Chief Juvenile Probation Officer – 775-782-9811
Kelly Cady –  Deputy Chief Juvenile Probation Officer – 775-782-9811
Jessica Jones –  Administrative Assistant – 775-782-9811
Kenny Nicoll –  Juvenile Probation Officer Senior – 775-782-9811
Daniel Hamer –  Juvenile Probation Officer Senior – 775-782-9811
Dominic Hastings-Molyneux – Juvenile Probation Officer Senior – 775-782-9811
Krysinthia Harris –  Juvenile Probation Officer – 775-782-9811