Juror Information

If you have been summoned for jury duty please call 782-9009, the working day prior to trial, to determine if your appearance is still required.  If you have any questions, please call 782-9820.

NOTE: If you are not a U.S. citizen, Douglas County resident, or are a convicted felon without your civil rights restored, you are not eligible to serve on a jury.

Juror Duty Overview

THE JURY POOL: Jurors are randomly selected by the Court computer system from a source consisting of the current voter registration list from all the precincts in the county and residents of the county that are holders of a valid Nevada driver’s license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Division of Public Safety.

Those selected are mailed a Juror Qualification Questionnaire (fig. 1). Jurors should fill out this form and return to our office as instructed. Your questionnaire will be reviewed and your eligibility for a particular case will be determined. If deemed eligible, you will mailed a Juror Summons (fig. 2).

FIG 1: The Juror Qualification Questionnaire will help us determine your eligibility for Jury Duty.
FIG 2: The Jury Summons is the court’s request to appear for juror selection.

FAILURE TO RESPOND:  Pursuant to NRS 6.040, the penalty for failure to appear for jury service may result in a contempt of court charge and a fine of not more than $500.00.

REQUIRED NOTIFICATION: Jurors are required to provide updates for addresses, phone numbers, name changes, employment, which should be indicated on the questionnaire form.

MISCELLANEOUS: Jury selection may be a lengthy process. Please feel free to bring food items to eat or water to drink while you wait in the Jury Assembly Room. We also suggest bringing reading material to occupy your time while you are NOT in court. All cell phones are required to be turned off during trial.

REPORTING:  Call the District Court Clerk’s Office Jury Duty Line at (775) 782-9009 the working day prior to your trial to determine if your appearance is required. If you are advised that you must appear for jury duty, report to the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center at 1038 Buckeye Rd. in Minden. Jurors are requested to park in the rear parking lot of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center. The Security Personnel will direct prospective jurors to the jury assembly room.

LENGTH OF SERVICE:  Normally your first 1/2 day of service is limited to jury selection for the trial being held during that week. If you are not chosen to serve as a juror, you will more than likely be done by noon. As soon as the jury is selected, the trial will begin.

ATTIRE:  Juror attire should reflect the dignity and professionalism of the court. The dress code of the court is general business attire. Casual business attire is acceptable. However, please refrain from wearing tank tops, shorts, sweat pants, sweat shirts, t-shirts with offensive statements or flip-flops. The temperature of the courtrooms may fluctuate. Jurors are encouraged to dress accordingly.


  • While the Legislature is in session, any member of the Legislature or any employee of the Legislature or the Legislative Counsel Bureau
  • Any person who has a fictitious address pursuant to NRS 217.462 to 217.471, inclusive
  • Any police officer as defined in NRS 617.135
  • All persons of the age of 70 years or over are exempt from serving as grand or trial jurors. Whenever it appears to the satisfaction of the court, by affidavit or otherwise, that a juror is over the age of 70 years, the court shall order the juror excused from all service as a grand or trial juror, if the juror so desires
  • A person who is age 65 or over who lives 65 miles or more from the court, if the juror so desires

To claim any of the above exemptions, call the District Court Clerk’s Office at (775) 782-9820. If you need additional information, or have an emergency situation that will prevent you from jury service, also contact District Court Clerk’s Office as soon as possible after receiving your jury summons.


  • Each person summoned is entitled to a fee of $40 for each day after jury selection
  • Each juror actually sworn and serving is entitled to a fee of $40 a day for each day of service
  • Each person summoned or each jury actually sworn and serving is entitled to 36.5 cents a mile for each mile traveled if the home of the person summoned or serving as a juror is 65 miles or more from the place of trial
  • Each juror is required to complete a W9 form for Douglas County once selected for serving on a jury panel

It takes time to process juror payments. After the jury trial is over, the Clerk prepares the claim and submits it to the Court. The Claim, once approved by the Court is then sent to Douglas County for processing by Finance. Claims are processed by Finance bi-weekly, so depending on when the claim is received, the payment will be processed on the next payment date. If you do not receive payment please contact the Clerk of the Court at (775) 782-9820.